How to Recover Gmail Password

How to Recover Gmail Password?

This is the era of digitization where majority of the work proceeds via exchanging emails. It is immensely important to create our email id in a stable and proper email service provider like Gmail. As our email account holds a lot of information related to professional and personal life, it is absolutely important to keep it protected with a strong password. We often keep on change Gmail Password and sometimes in this entire process we do forget our present password. But, before panicking think twice, you definitely have an option to recover your password. Check out these steps:

  • At first, you should have a strong and stable internet connection
  • Then, you are supposed to enter the address of Gmail in the address bar
  • Then, Gmail Page opens
  • At last, you would have an option of ‘forgot Gmail Password’
  • You are supposed to click on it
  • Then, you are supposed to answer the security questions properly
  • After that, you would receive OTP
  • It is up to you, either you chose a phone number or email where you would like to receive the OTP
  • As soon as you enter the OTP, you are supposed to enter a new password for your Gmail Account

These are the steps you are supposed to follow. Implementing these steps would definitely help you to recover your Gmail Account. If this is not helpful, you can seek help from Gmail Customer Support. The experts and engineers are present 24*7 at your service.

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