Recover Process- How to Recover Gmail Password?

Google account or Gmail is a platform where an individual not only do professional but personal emails as well. In the age where everyone is linked with some social media platform, Gmail serves the purpose of free email services at one click. It is a well-organized service used by every single person worldwide. The service is advertising-supported and provides individuals with data storage, video chats, emails, etc.

You can have easy access to Gmail through third-party programs and web which synchronize the contents of the email by IMAP protocols. Originally, Gmail had a storage capacity of one gigabyte per user which is now extended to 15 gigabytes. You are permissible to receive and emails, send attachments, larger files, etc.

It offers a wide range of language inputs, which makes it easy to understand by the user all across the globe. Apart from all these attractive features that make communication effective, Gmail also takes complete care of the security of the data shared by the users. The two-step verification, keeping the data safe, 24-hour lockdowns and restriction of child pornography are some of the safety features.

 Recover my Gmail Account 

The primary concern in today’s world is bringing up the rear access to your social accounts. Individuals start searching for answers to recover Gmail passwords via SMS and sometimes end up getting puzzled. There are no fast and hard rules for this but straightforward step to follow to get back your Gmail account recovery.

The Gmail account holds a lot of details for you and losing on to this account. You can very quickly get the access back by following the steps to recover your Gmail account.

 Steps of Gmail account recovery password via SMS 

Recovering your Gmail account can be a confusing thing for a few users, but Google provides the simplest of the steps to recover Gmail password account:

  • Go to the Gmail account recovery page and enter the detail of your account.
  • Click the next button
  • If you have linked your mobile number to your account, you can use to recover your Gmail account.
  • Use the number to an SMS to recover Gmail Account.
  • Answer the secret questions.

These are some of the simple steps helping you in Gmail account recovery via SMS in a short period. You can quickly recover the Gmail password via SMS from these steps. In case if you have not been using your account for nine months, and Google considers your account discarded and then you cannot recover the Gmail password.

 Lost Password Recovery 

The recover Gmail password process can be started in either of two ways:

  • Go to the Gmail Login page at the official websiteand after entering your e-mail address click on the option of Forgot password link.
  • Now, directly go to the start of the recovery process at the option of recover password.

Now, have a look at the option of Account support page where you can enter your e-mail address and click on the option of next to start the process.

 Click on the option of Find my account, if you don’t remember your e-mail address 

If the lost account has 2-step verification enabled the process will be a little different. This will be true if the account was hacked and the 2-step verification is harder to recover the account. The recovery options include the following questions:

  • Enter the last password that you remember
  • Get a verification code by phone call or message.
  • Confirm the  phone number that you have offered in our security settings
  • Google will send an e-mail containing onetime verification code to the email
  • Get a prompt on your phone and click on the option of yes to Sign in.
  • Answer all the security questions that you added to your account
  • When did you create Google account?

The bulk of the options are based on the pre-configured information setup in the account proceeding to losing access. If you do have a pre-configured phone number or email, select the option that you sent a six-digit code to enter.

Inflowing the correct code may get you to a page to reset the password. Answering the questions properly might also take you explicitly to that page.

Additional sources of information include the Gmail Help Center and the Gmail Help Forums, both of which support searching for topics of interest.

 How to Recover your Google account if you’ve been forgetting your email, password, or got Hacked 

· You can recover a Google account if you’ve forgotten your password, email address, or if your account has been hacked.

· To recover your Google account, you will need to input some combination of email address, phone number, or answers to the security questions.

 Lost Account Name 

If you click on the option of Find my account link on the first page you will be directed to a series of steps where you will offer:  a previously configured phone or email, the real name on the account, and verification code.  If you are successful, you will receive a list of accounts that match that information and you can carry on the option of sign in.  You must know both the email/phone number on the account.  If you also don’t know the account password, then you will use the above process to recover the Gmail password.

 Accounts with 2-Step Verification Enabled 

Two-step verification adds an extra level of security to accounts by requiring a code in addition to the password to sign in to an account. When 2-step verification is enabled you will see the third screen after offering your account name and password were you need to offer the 2-step verification code via the default method you have configured on the account.  If you are unable to offer the 2-step response, the page has the option of Try another way to log in.

How Can I Recover My Gmail Password by a Security Question?

Gmail has been provided to its users with many compatible user-friendly features. To opt for Gmail password recovery through a security question, follow the steps down below:

  • First thing first, click the gear icon at the top of the Gmail account page.
  • Choose the Settings option.
  • Next, select the Accounts and Import.
  • Click the Gmail Change password recovery options in the change account settings.
  • Click Edit under the Security question
  • Complete the form and click the Save option to make changes.
  • After done with the above steps, go with the standard recovery option and do away with your Gmail password recovery process.

How do I Recover My Gmail Account if I Lost My Phone Number?

Gmail has been offering several user-friendly features comprises of Gmail account recovery options and many more. If in case, you have forgotten your phone number when you do really need to recover your account, you will have, surely an option of account recovery via alternative email id by which you can recover your account easily even if you do not have remembered the password.      

Can’t Remember Gmail Password or Security Questions?

No worries! Gmail has several recovery options you can opt to recover your Gmail password an. There is also an availability of security questions that you would have answered at the time of signing up for a new account. If you have lost your phone number or something like that, you can recover your Gmail account via answering the security question.

How to Recover Gmail Password with an Alternative Email?

To recover your Gmail account via the alternative email address, which you would have given at the time of signing up your account for the first time, follow the steps down below:

  • To start with, go to the Gmail login page.
  • Enter your email address in the required field and hit the Next button.
  • Hit the link of the Forgot password under the password field.
  • Click the Try another way option.
  • Next, click on the I don’t have my phone link.
  • Again click the link Try another way.
  • Now, enter your alternative email id and click the Next button.
  • Enter the verification code and click the Next button.
  • Now, try entering your desired new password and type it again in the subsequent field.
  • Click the Submit option to do with your Gmail account recovery process.

Google Account Recovery by Phone Call: How to Do It?

Since the Google account provides its users with several options through which they can able to recover their accounts easily whether it is via alternative email, or via phone call. The process is so easy, just need to go to the Google account login page and follow the process one-by-one after reading out the requirements carefully.

How Do I Add My Birthday to My Google account?
 To do this, follow the steps down below:

  • First thing first, go to the Google account page from your browser.
  • Hit on the Personal info in the account page.
  • Click on the Birthday and then, hit on the pencil icon next to your Date of Birth.
  • Change your date of birth and click on the update option to finalize in adding your new date of birth.

What if I forgot my Gmail address?

There is no need to be worried about if you forgot your own Gmail address. You can retrieve it through the option of “Forgot email”. Then you will be required to enter your phone number and in the next pop-up window, enter your first name and last name in the required fields and click the Next button. You will be shown on your email address.

How Do I Check What My Gmail Password Is?

If you are able to access your Gmail account from your browser, you can easily view your password from your browser instead. In settings of your browser, go to the Auto-fill section. There, click on the password and then you can view your Gmail password.

How do I reset my Gmail password when I don’t remember my
recovery information?

Since the Gmail recovery process is simple even though you do not have any sort of prior information regarding the process. You just need to follow the steps we have mentioned in the following steps:

  • To begin with, go to the Gmail login page.
  • Type your email address.
  • Hit the link saying, with the Forgot password.
  • Click the Try another way link.
  • Enter your phone number and hit the Next button to get a verification code.
  • Enter the code and click the Next option.

Enter a new password twice in the required fields and hit the Submit button. Then, you will be moving into your Gmail account.

How to Recover My Google Account Using Date of Birth?

Google account is though the best user-account that helps to access certain online Google services. However, some of its individuals are unable to proceed over the fact of how to recover Google account by date of birth. If you are facing difficulties while recovering your account, follow the steps down below.

 Steps to Retrieve Google Account by Date of Birth 

Step 1: Go to the Google account login webpage.

Step 2: Enter your email address that has been registered with the Google account and click the Next button.

Step 3:  Hit the link of the “Forgot password?”

Step 4: Click on “Try another way” link to proceed further.

Step 5: Hit the link I don’t have my phone.

Step 6: Enter the answer to the displaying security question you must have given at the time of the account registration.

Note: If you have provided the question related to your date of birth, answer that according to the question.

Step 7: Enter the Next button to proceed further to recover the Google account via the date of birth.

Step 8: Type a new and strong password twice in the requisite fields.

Step 9: Click the Save password button to log into your Google account with a new password.

If you are still unable to proceed over the Google account recovery date of birth, you must contact one of our technical experts immediately to get instant assistance. Our experts are available around-the-clock to help you out every problematic situation you face.

 FAQ About Gmail Account Recovery 

1. My e-mail history was removed the hacker, how do I recover it?

Have you checked All Mail and Trash for the misplaced information? Have you used Search and find it? Unfortunately, messages deleted from Spam or trash cannot be recovered. You can recover Google’s attempt to recover messages deleted by a hacker.

2. Why can’t I tell somebody private information about my account that they could look up to verify my claim?

Account privacy rules are very exacting within Google and permitting employees to look at the contents of an account that would be a serious breach of privacy. You may know enough about the contents of the account to prove possession, but no one at Google can verify that information.

3. Where I could add extra information to confirm my claim?

It would be a violation of account privacy for an employee to look into the account to verify any additional information completed.

4. My account was removed by the hacker, can I recover it?

The Gmail account recovery process can restore a recently deleted account. But if it’s said that your account was deleted and is no longer recoverable then your account is lost.

5. I am having a long password of random strings that would be impossible to guess. How was my account compromised?

Email providers have blocks to defend trying lots of passwords to guess the correct one. Most accounts are compromised by harvesting passwords in other ways. While a secure password is very significant, it’s only one in a long list of things needed to keep any online account secure.

6. Not getting any reply after submitting the Gmail account recovery information. What to do?

Ensure that you are using a valid, working contact e-mail address that you check regularly for any replies. Verify the junk/spam label in case any reply was miss-filtered. You can also try the different contact e-mail address.

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